Art of Wrought Iron on Vancouver’s Granville Island

A blacksmith and an artisan, Miran specializes in sophisticated design, making unique wrought iron sculptures, staircase railings, fences and gates, wrought iron furniture, gazebos and balconies. His metal home ornaments include a variety of wrought iron candle holders, lighting fixtures, curtain rods, mirrors and more, forged specifically for you and coated with a special ‘anti-rust’ finishes.

In the 21st century with its industrial wholesale technologies, handmade wrought iron articles have become a refined and prestigious way of decorating your home or business. Unlike mass production, Miran’s metal creations are one-of-a-kind, suiting your personality and the needs and quirks of any available space. Introducing your interior and landscape to the fanciful beauty of wrought iron, Miran combines his contemporary ironwork with the ages-old traditions of handmade artistic forging. He brings to life any clients’ wishes: from large-scale orders to small, exclusive wall ornaments, utilitarian objects and sculptures.

Simultaneously decorative and functional, Miran’s world-class art pieces frequently incorporate wood, glass and other materials into the metalwork. The master strives for innovative approach and the highest level of quality while maintaining outstanding customer service and keeping his prices reasonable and competitive.

Please check out our gallery to see the wrought iron products: railings, gates, tables, beds, gazebos, benches, candle holders, lighting fixtures, curtain rods, mirrors, sculptures and others.

You are invited to visit our showroom to enjoy tens of artistic pieces on site in the exhibition gallery adjacent to the forge.